COVID VACCINATION: the Practice is responsible for providing COVID vaccination to specific cohorts.  These are patients aged over 75 and patients on the shielding register.  The vaccine is the Astra Zeneca vaccine.  Patients in the specified cohorts will receive both the first and second dose at the Practice.  Please note that you will be invited by a phone call from the admin team.  All other patients will be invited to central clinics and you will receive a letter with time, date and venue according to your age cohort.

COVID 19 - CORONAVIRUS - please note that all requests for an appointment will be triaged by a GP.  We are not booking any face to face appointments.  The GP will decide if you need to be seen and this may be by webcam or face to face.  Currently, all face to face appointments will be at Pollok Health Centre


ORDER YOUR PRESCRIPTION ONLINE - you can now order your medication online via the website or by downloading the app to your mobile phone.  Please phone the Practice for information on how to register for this service.

TELEPHONE NUMBERS - MOBILE and HOME - please ensure that we have the correct contact telephone numbers for you. 

TEXT REMINDERS AND INFORMATION - we would like to be able to text you to remind you of appointments that you have made at the surgery, to call you in for review of your medical conditions and to keep you updated on new and existing services available to you both within the Practice and at other healthcare providers.  To do this we need your consent.  Please contact the Practice to let us know whether you consent to receiving this information by text or not.  Thank you.

TELEPHONE CALL RECORDING: Please note that we now record all  incoming and outgoing telephone calls to the Practice for quality and training purposes.

Breast Screening


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in Scottish women, accounting for 28.9% of female cancer cases. There were 4,457 new cases diagnosed in women in Scotland in 2010 and 1,022 deaths from the disease in 2010.

Although incidence of breast cancer in Scotland has increased by 12% from 2000 to 2010, the mortality rate has decreased by 18.3% over that period.  In 2010/11 - 181.886 women were screened.  In the same year, the attendancee rate was 74.7% and 1,683 cancers were detected.


The Scottish Breast Screening Programme (SBSP) has been running since 1988 with national coverage achieved in 1991.  The SBSP provides routine screening every three years for all eligible women aged between 50 and 70.

Women over 70 can still be screened by self referring themselves their local breast screening unit.  The upper range age for breast screening was previously 64.  An extension to this age range was phased in across Scotland from 2003 and is now in place across Scotland.

Women are invited to attend either a breast screening unit, of which there are six, one in each in Inverness, Aberdeen, Irvine, Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh, or attend one of the 18 mobile screening units in operation around the country.

Results are by post and usually within three weeks.  The women's GP is, also, informed of the outcome.  A few women may require further tests and will be invited to attend an assessment clinic at the screening centre.  Most of the women will then be reassured and will be invited back for their next screening in three years.

For women diagnosed with breast cancer, finding it early gives the best chance of successful treatment.  The treatment options are fully discussed and arrangements are made for referral to a specialist breast team.


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