Clinics We Offer


The practice holds a contract with Greater Glasgow NHS Board for some of our services – most of which are carried out by the practice nurses:

  • Annual Influenza Programme - to protect those aged over 65 and those in specific risk groups
  • Regular Monitoring - by blood and urine tests, of patients on certain drugs for arthritis and bowel problems
  • Annual Comprehensive Reviews - for patients with heart disease; diabetes; stroke; epilepsy; COPD/emphysema; heart failure.
  • A Methadone Programme-  for patients with drug abuse problems. 
family planning

Other Services

  • Family Planning - the doctors and nurses will give advice on contraception and family planning to teenagers and adults, whether male or female.  All consultations for contraceptive advice are confidential. Coils are fitted, checked and removed at the practice.  Please make an appointment with a GP to discuss this service. Same day appointments are available with the doctors and nurses for emergency contraception. Contraceptive Implants are fitted and removed by Sister Fair and Sister Wilson.  Please make an appointment with either to discuss.
  • Maternity Services - all of our doctors offer maternity medical services.  That is, antenatal and postnatal care shared with your chosen maternity hospital.  Pre-pregnancy advice is also available. 
  • Cervical Screening - appointments are available with the GP of your choice or with any of the practice nurses.  Please let the receptionist know that you will be attending for this test so that an appropriate appointment can be given. 
  • Minor Surgery (Cryotherapy) - freezing treatment is used for warts, verrucae and skin tags. Please make an appointment with any of the GPs to discuss.  Some GPs offer injections for pain relief in some joints and soft tissues.  Please contact reception who will make an appointment with the doctor to discuss whether you may be suitable for any of these treatments. 
  • New Patient Health Checks - the surgery offers health checks to all patients when they register with the Practice.  This involves a 15 minute appointment with our Health Care Support Worker.